TeamMood’s Agile Content Hub

TeamMood helps to get more feedback from teammates on a regular basis. It’s perfect for agile teams that want to inject more feedback into their retrospectives, daily standups, and are on a path of continuous improvement.


The success of retrospectives is essential for the well-being of the team in the long run. However, they require a great deal of preparation and the articles below will give you all the information you need for success.

Agile Meetings (apart from retrospectives)

Retrospectives are not the only meetings though. These articles deal with daily standups, sprint planning, and other meetings in general.

Agile Practices

Here are a few articles on agile practices outside the most known ones. If you’re out of ideas to improve your team, you’re in luck!

Interviews & Case Studies

Over the years, we interviewed a few agile experts as well as our own customers to get great insights about how they implement agile in the workplace.