TeamMood helps Scrum Masters to better manage their teams.

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About Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste is part of the management team in charge of an e-commerce platform at a French retail outfit. In keeping with their agile approach, he decided to use TeamMood to get a daily reading of team morale.

The situation

One of his key challenges relates to the distributed nature of his team. To foster communication and collaboration, the teams are using tools like Slack and JIRA, but those platforms don’t do all that much to develop empathy nor give a visual representation of the heartbeat of the team - like meeting around the watercooler would (one can only do so much with emoticons!)

“TeamMood is a tool for Management 3.0.!”

How does Jean-Baptiste use TeamMood?

1 To help Scrum Masters manage their teams

2 As leverage to defend employee interests

3 To communicate information and get closer to his teams

“TeamMood gives me access to information that wouldn't otherwise be shared.”

To help Scrum Masters manage their teams

When managing a team of Scrum Masters, how can you know if they're effective at their jobs? Jean-Baptiste uses TeamMood to measure happiness at work on a day-to-day basis. A summary of each team's results is sent to their respective Scrum Masters every week.

For Jean-Baptiste, what's crucial with TeamMood is how the results are used.

“I don't just look at the score for each team. What's more important is to see how a Scrum Master responds and helps the team navigate their way through any problems that arise.”

Certain Scrum Masters even keep their team's mood posted on their screen display so they can take immediate action in the face of changes in mood.

“TeamMood provides me with team feedback and allows me to defend their interests.”

Looking out for the team

With TeamMood, Jean-Baptiste can get a quantitative and objective reading of team satisfaction (or dissatisfaction).

For instance, when the building management service decided to stop having a food truck come at lunchtime each day, the reaction was immediate and unanimous (“Hands off my food truck”). TeamMood provided the objective argument necessary to overturn the decision.

Communicate information and lead teams

“We put a rule in place: if a problem arises, we ask the person concerned to leave a comment so we can find out what caused it. How we process a low score due to bad weather will be different to how we tackle a problem with a work-related cause.”

TeamMood is a forum for exchanging and communicating information and it also contributes to a good work atmosphere. “Following a sports event at work, employees exchange good-natured banter in the comments.”

“TeamMood provides me with team feedback and allows me to defend their interests.”

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