The way we work reflects our ideas about work and life

Through our way of working, we hope to show that it is possible to have another approach to work and to find a better balance between the different aspects of our lives. At a time when the meaning of work is a growing subject, we seek to contribute at our level to a better society, more respectful of people and the environment.

What values do we carry?

At TeamMood, trust and communication are at the heart of professional relations, everyone knows what they have to do and can organize themselves freely to have the best balance in life.

Thus, working time arrangements allow TeamMood employees to easily participate in family or sports activities (accompaniment to school outings for example), as well as to contribute to associative projects that are close to their hearts (repair café, community Gardens, awareness workshops, etc.).

This chosen flexibility enriches the exchanges and reflections on our daily work. So far, these activities focus mainly on social connection and ecology. The TeamMood team has thus been pursuing a sober approach for several years.

How do these values play out in everyday work life?

We try to reflect on and improve our ways of working.

There are no gadgets here, the computer equipment is kept to a minimum allowing you to work properly (a computer with a screen, wifi and that's it!).

The lifespan of the equipment is extended to the maximum and reconditioned is preferred as far as possible.

The core TeamMood team is currently made up of 2 employees. We mainly work remotely except for one day a week. We then find ourselves in shared workspaces and favor the train for these journeys.

For daily exchanges, the telephone is preferred to video, except for specific needs.

What's about the TeamMood product?

On the design side, the TeamMood website was recently remodeled (2022) taking into account the eco-design recommendations given by the WebVert company to limit its energy impact.

Regarding the application, we try to limit the functionalities to their real usefulness in a process of responding to the needs of users with minimalism.

If a feature isn't used, don't keep it "just in case", we'll just remove it.

The optimization of the application is also part of the recurring discussions (what technical choices? "refactoring"...).

How can we have a greater impact?

We want to do more.

The question arose as to how we could contribute more to the ecological and social transition we consider necessary. We want individual initiatives to have a collective meaning through TeamMood.

Through the app? Would that perhaps take us too far away from our core business? Which initiative would be the most relevant?

So we decided that, in addition to giving employees more time to get involved in environmental associations, TeamMood would also contribute money to support eco-friendly initiatives.

We communicate these actions more precisely in our blog.

Want to discuss it with us?

If you have any questions about the way we work or the initiatives we are launching or just to discuss the new work models, do not hesitate to contact us at