Team health checks in only 2 minutes per day

The purpose of conducting team health checks is to identify team strengths, areas for improvement, and cultivate open communication and collaboration.

But it’s easier said than done:

  • Getting everyone to participate genuinely is a challenge
  • Employee feedback forms are too infrequent
  • It’s impossible to track data over time without the right tools

Why use TeamMood for health checks?

Effortless health checks to boost synergy

TeamMood increases the frequency of health checks without making them a burden.

With more health checks, identify and address potential issues early on, leading to increased efficiency, better collaboration, and higher satisfaction.

Niko niko calendar

Foster trust & safety with anonymous feedback

Teammates don’t give honest feedback if they fear it will be used against them.

TeamMood makes all feedback anonymous which paves the way for constructive criticism and feedback in a safe and trusted environment.

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Analytics that promote continuous improvement

Visualize team moods in one glance with the Niko-Niko calendar and analytics.

Gain powerful insights into what increases and decreases mood of your teammates over time and nurture a culture of continuous improvement of team health.

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How to use TeamMood to improve team health

1/ Mood check

Each teammate receives a message every day to share their mood.

2/ Team health overview

You can look at the feedback of all your teammates and discover topics to discuss.

3/ Discuss issues & celebrate successes

Everyone can reply to the mood of other teammates.

And with Kudos, you can congratulate teammates on a success and bring good vibes.

4/ Find insights to improve team health

Get a look at the evolution of the average mood, most used words, participation rate, and more.

How an automotive company uses TeamMood to foster team feedback and lead meetings.

“I started using it and everybody was quite enthusiastic about trying it out. Instead of information every six months, I was getting information every day to see how people were feeling.”


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