TeamMood helps Total Group subsidiary Fioulmarket to listen to the employees.

Company: Fioulmarket Startup, gas & energy France 30 team members

About Stéphane

Stéphane is the CEO of Fioulmarket, a subsidiary of the Total Group that offers online sales of heating oil to consumers. The startup uses TeamMood to gauge satisfaction levels from its I.T. and digital marketing teams to client services and even within its steering committee.

The context

Fioulmarket, a startup created by Total, was launched in 2012. One of the most important challenge for Stéphane was to imbue his team with a special corporate culture, which was what prompted him to give TeamMood a try. The application simplicity and the results it yielded did the rest.

“TeamMood helps Total Group subsidiary Fioulmarket to listen to the employees”

How does Stéphane use TeamMood?

1 To imbue his team with a corporate culture

2 To gauge work atmosphere within the startup

3 To collect/share feedback and manage millennials

Contribute to creating a corporate culture

At Fioulmarket, the average age is around 30. The team needs to be agile, responsive and dynamic to attract and hold onto talent. As for most startups, recruitment is a key issue.

“We devote a lot of energy to recruitment. We want to foster a corporate culture that allows everyone to feel at home.”

Fioulmarket's approach to corporate culture and team motivation involves listening to employees' opinions, sharing this feedback and acting on it when necessary.

Measuring team morale

“TeamMood serves as a yardstick for team morale and satisfaction”.

By going beyond the results for any given day, managers can track overarching trends to pick up on early warning signs of any team crises or, for example, to gauge employee satisfaction when an eagerly awaited applicant is finally hired.

The results are shared with the managers and occasionally presented to employees. For Stéphane,

“It's interesting to see the mirror effect it has on the teams.”

Managing millennials more effectively

According to Stéphane,

“Management today is becoming increasingly complex”.

With generation Y, and more recently generation Z, joining the corporate ranks, we're witnessing a shift in employee expectations. Work needs to be a rewarding source of fulfilment and personal development. It's important for management to be receptive and adapt to individual expectations.

TeamMood helps local managers to face the challenges presented by this changing landscape. A daily survey allows managers to track changes in their teams' mood and to respond quickly.

“TeamMood allows us to be receptive and to foster team wellbeing.”

“TeamMood allows us to pick up on subtle signs and to get feedback on team morale.”

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