Leveraging TeamMood to improve employee engagement at Ascension, a non-profit organization.

Company: Ascension Non-profit USA 750 team members

About Patrick

Patrick is mission initiatives manager for Ascension Ministry Service Center. The subsidiary is in charge of all shared services for Ascension, a non-profit healthcare organization employing over 150,000 people across the United States and providing more than $1.8 billion in care of persons living in poverty.

The situation

One of Patrick’s key challenges relates to the engagement of the associates of Ascension Ministry Service Center. Indeed, Ascension being a faith-based company, associates entered the company with a lot of expectations, that managers had a hard time to meet without having concrete feedback from their team members. As a result, teams were suffering from a lack of employee engagement and high turnover.

“Thanks to TeamMood, we were able to bring turnover down 13%.”

How does Patrick use TeamMood?

1 To help managers better do their job

2 To meet trainees’ high expectations

3 To improve employee engagement

Provide a tool for managers

According to Patrick, managers were struggling with employee engagement: they were facing a high turnover and negative feedback from associates, and only had performance reviews to handle them.

“We already had a survey once every two weeks coming from the headquarters, but it wasn't enough. We needed a tool to really know how the associates were feeling daily.”

Using TeamMood allowed managers to re-engage with associates. They look at grades and comments, and are able to pinpoint efforts to a specific team.

Meet employee expectations

Maybe due to the non-profit status of the company or even the fact that it’s faith-based, or maybe just because millennials’ expectations from work are higher than they used to be, managers were facing disatisfaction from their teams.

TeamMood gave them the opportunity to speak up and be heard.

“Not everyone participates daily – we have around 40 to 45% participation among associates. But those who do participate get feedback and see the benefit.”

The company’s results (including the CEO’s) are shared in an ‘associate experience’ meeting every 2 weeks. And the teams’ feeling is now displayed on flat screens everywhere in the company, along with upcoming events, performance etc.

Improve employee engagement

According to Patrick,

“TeamMood is very useful for employee engagement. Nowadays, managers and supervisors are busy. Having a tool to help them know how their team is feeling is very helpful.”

Thanks to TeamMood, they were able to bring turnover down by 6% in just 6 months, and by 13% overall. The participation to the daily survey has also increased as associates witnessed the results.

“We are hearing the voice of the associates.”

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