Track the most important KPI of your team: mood

TeamMood allows you to track the mood of your team with a Niko-Niko calendar. Perfect for Scrum Masters and team leaders to get daily feedback from teammates or to know their mood even if they work remotely.

TeamMood - niko-niko calendar

Why tracking mood is better than other KPIs?

There are plenty of KPIs you can use to measure how well your team is doing: productivity, lead time, bugs, etc.

But your teammates might feel the pressure to always do more to improve KPIs and it's always going to lead to stress.

That's why we think the best KPI to measure how well your team is doing is actually its mood.

A great team is composed of happy people. If their wellness is taken seriously, the team will be more productive, produce less bugs, be on time, etc. And you won't even have to track these KPIs to know it.

What is a Niko-Niko calendar?

It’s a simple calendar with everybody’s name on it. At the end of the day, each team member is invited to share their mood of the day, sticking smilies happy 😄, straight 😬 or frowning 🙁 or color stickers on it. That’s actually where its name comes from: Niko means smile in Japanese.

We translated this calendar into an online application so you could track mood even more easily and quickly.

Effortless moods

Writing a comment every day can quickly become boring for your teammates. With moods, a single click allows you to get useful information on their wellness and keep boredom out for longer.

Feedback history at a glance

You need a clean and clear overview to quickly see the mood of your team. That's why we made a special view based on niko-niko calendar and Agile retrospective practices so you can track moods in just one moment and see how wellness improves over time.

Focus on anonymity

It's next to impossible to get honest feedback from teammates if what they say is identifiable. Feedback in TeamMood is completely anonymous.

Proactive team management

For happy teammates, being a proactive leader is essential. But without enough insights it's practically impossible. In order to avoid conflicts and integrate new members to the team, you must put in place the right tools to be able to solve issues as soon as they emerge.

Get answers with analytics

The problem with generic tools like whiteboards is the lack of analytics. TeamMood is opinionated to help you be more proactive in managing your team. Get the right analytics, zero configuration required.

Dive deeper with segmentation

Analytics for multiple teams can become hard to decode. That's why you can segment data to get the most accurate analytics for a given situation and handle it quickly.

Guide to leadership

Tools will never replace management skills. But you might face problems you never experienced before and don't know how to react. We gathered all the situations you might face and the actions you need to take in a guide freely available to everyone.

Mood Distribution By Day
TeamMood - analytics

Remote management with confidence

Many of us had to adapt to working remotely and changing habits takes a while and is rarely smooth. TeamMood helps you overcome issues that come up when working from home because it helps communication between you and your teammates. This way you can work remotely with confidence!

TeamMood - get insight you team health

Timezones are supported

Your teammates are spread all around the world? We manage timezones, so people get notified at the right time.

Manage multiple teams

Create as many teams as you want and track their moods and feedback easily. We built all the tools you need to make the process effortless.

Easy segmentation with tags

Tag members of a team to add information like location that will be useful for more accurate analytics and segmentation.

All your needs are covered


Nowadays, you use a lot of tools and adding a new one to the stack needs to be a careful choice. TeamMood seamlessly integrates with your existing tools (Slack, Teams, and more) to help you increase usage right where your teammates are.

Optional written feedback

Your teammates still have the ability to write comments in addition to moods but it's optional. This way you increase usage from your teammates and you will get more useful comments and less noise.

Customer success

We care about your success as a team leader and our support is here to help you in your experience with TeamMood if you ever need it.

Team empowerment

TeamMood gives you all the tools to lead efficiently your team and empower them to express themselves in a safe environment.

Meeting facilitation

With daily feedback, you will be able to stop never-ending meetings and resolves issues as they arise before they derail your meetings.


Don't be afraid to store sensitive data they are encrypted all the way. Plus, TeamMood is enterprise ready with SAML based SSO.

Company mood

TeamMood works with any organizational structure. Manage multiple teams, then aggregate data in just a couple of clicks. Produce reports by team, department, location, or even for the whole company. And make leadership aware of the company’s mood.

Our customers tell it best

We get to learn how our team members are doing and what are their blockers. If we are going the wrong direction, we can know about it sooner than Retrospective.

- Kristen C.

TeamMood allowed us to validate that the integration into our team of a person with a radically different expertise was going well, both for the team and for himself.

- Nathaniel R.

It’s a great way to get feedback from the team and open up conversations about the tough days.

- Patrick J.

I think (hope) it conveys the message to our team that we care about how they think and feel. And in these crazy times of COVID, I think it's important for people to have a safe outlet to vent a bit. In these times, people need a safe harbor.

- Dave R.

The key benefit was empowering my team to provide open feedback, which helped develop a culture of transparent communication. From the comments, we were able to look at themes for areas for improvement for our team health.

- Mary L.

It’s been great to get a measure of the overall feeling in the team on a day to day basis. Especially as our team are all homeworkers and we don’t have regular opportunities to meet face to face.

- James H.

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