Improve your leadership with streamlined analytics

The problem with generic tools like whiteboards is the lack of analytics. TeamMood is opinionated to give you straightforward insights. Get the right analytics, zero configuration required.

Mood Distribution By Day
TeamMood - analytics

Analytics unlocks wellness

Proactive team leadership

Stop guessing to solve conflicts. With our analytics, you get the right insights to reduce the number of problems your team has.

Team empowerment

TeamMood gives you all the tools to lead efficiently your team and empower them to express themselves in a safe environment.

Meeting facilitation

With daily feedback, you will be able to stop never-ending meetings and resolves issues as they arise before they derail your meetings.

Feedback history at a glance

TeamMood - analytics

You need a clean and clear overview to quickly see the mood of your team. That's why we made a special view based on niko-niko calendar and Agile retrospective practices so you can track moods in just one moment and see how wellness improves over time.

You will be able to see which days were the best and which were the worst, then discuss with the team why and improve things.

Visualize data from every angle

TeamMood - Analytics : mood average over time, milestone days, wordcloud

TeamMood comes with a reporting dashboard that covers all your needs to find insights quickly.

  • Mood average variation: see how the average mood changes over time.
  • Best and worst day: always know which was the day with the best moods and the one with the worst moods.
  • Wordcloud: find out what are the most used words in your teammates' comments.
  • Usage: discover how much members use TeamMood.

Reporting at every level of your organizational structure

TeamMood - Analytics : segment mood data

See trends at a high level, then dive deep with segmentation by team, department, location, or really anything you need.

Leadership gets regular check-ins of the mood from collaborators, and reports are made in just a couple of clicks.

Our customers tell it best

Some teams decided to check average mood so that management will still react and still try to make things better - even in reality they would check good and better.

- Jakub K..

It’s been great to get a measure of the overall feeling in the team on a day to day basis. Especially as our team are all homeworkers and we don’t have regular opportunities to meet face to face.

- James H.

It helps me to understand my team members’ feelings because we are working remotely and don’t communicate as much as in the office.

- Yongxin H.

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