TeamMood’s HR Content Hub

TeamMood helps to get more feedback from collaborators on a regular basis. It’s the foundation to improve human relations and leads to better leadership, awesome employee experience, easy recruitment, and wellbeing.


Management isn’t a natural skill. It needs to be trained. These articles will take you to the next level of leadership.

Wellbeing & Mental Health

This should be a pillar in every HR department. The consequences of poor mental health are disastrous! Here are a few articles to get ideas on proactively improving wellbeing and mental health.

Employee Experience

While these articles deal with employee experience, they indirectly relate to wellbeing. The better the experience, the better the wellbeing.


Below are a couple of articles on making better decisions when hiring.

Interviews & Case Studies

Over the years, we interviewed our customers to get great insights about what they do to improve HR, wellbeing, and culture in their workplace.