Managers, do you (really) know how your team is doing?

With TeamMood, easily check the well-being of your team with mood indicators, graphs, and calendars.

Easy as pie.

Team members will receive a daily email, asking for their mood of the day.

One click and you're done! No need to login.

It takes no more than 5 seconds per day.


We do not track individuals but follow the mood barometer at the team level. This allows people to be more sincere about their feelings.

All mood meter charts or calendars are available to everyone on the team, not only to managers.

Agile powered.

Based on niko-niko calendar and Agile retrospective practices.

At the end of the day, team members tell if they have the feeling of having a good or a bad day. This mood indicator is a tool for the team for continuous improvement.

Luc D.
Lyra Network

TeamMood helps to check if everybody feels ok or not, and that's an important information hard to get usually.

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From ten people startups, to large companies with several hundreds of people, you're in good company.

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