Your retrospectives are better, shorter and more insightful with TeamMood

Gather feedback from your teammates to be able to plan & prepare retrospectives that are based on data. Only takes 2 minutes each day.

Why use TeamMood for retrospectives?

Feedback history to plan retrospectives

It’s hard to remember everything that happened during a sprint or cycle which makes retrospectives often long and disorganized.

With TeamMood, you get feedback during the whole timeframe.

Retrospectives can be properly planned and organized and will provide more insights in a shorter time.

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Honest communication with anonymous feedback

Teammates don’t give honest feedback if they fear it will be used against them.

And without good feedback, retrospectives won’t bear any fruit.

TeamMood makes all feedback anonymous which paves the way for constructive criticism and feedback in a safe and trusted environment.

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Analytics that promote continuous improvement

Visualize team moods in one glance with the Niko-Niko calendar and analytics.

Gain powerful insights into what increases and decreases mood of your teammates over time and nurture a culture of continuous improvement of team health.

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How to use TeamMood to improve retrospectives

1/ Check the average mood for a defined period

If you use sprints or cycles, just use the day of the beginning of the cycle and the day it stops. If not, take the period between the last retrospective and the new one.

2/ Compare with the previous period

By comparing with the previous period, you will see if the current period has average mood changed and is more or less stable.

3/ Check the calendar view

Average mood doesn’t tell the full story. With the calendar view, you can spot an abnormal mood in a sea of great moods the analytics didn't catch.

4/ Review word cloud, written feedback, and take notes

Write down the most used words and anything that comes into your mind associated with those words that happened during the cycle.

How a major French bank’s I.T. department uses TeamMood in Agile project management.

“TeamMood’s strength is that it helps power a continuous cycle of improvement.”


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