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With TeamMood, don't just focus on the last few days during Retrospectives, but get a log of what happened during the whole period, and bring back interesting topics.
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If you run Agile retrospectives every two weeks or every month, it’s hard to remember everything that happened during this timeframe. You usually end up focusing on the last few days.

With TeamMood, you can have access to daily feedback, ideas and comments from your team members during the whole period. It works as a team’s diary. Using this data during your retrospectives helps you get a comprehensive view of what happened, and enriches or starts interesting discussions with your teammates.

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It’s not rocket science, happy people get better results.

How TeamMood can help you

Open up conversations

Transparency is key. Everyone in the team can see the data, and discuss it. As a manager, you take part to these conversations to better understand what is going on.

Uncover hidden issues

Thanks to anonymity, get an honest feedback from your teammates. It can be easier for someone to say something through TeamMood instead of telling it in person.

Get a clear picture of which actions need to be taken

Thanks to your daily survey, quickly uncover issues and address them before the situation becomes out of control.

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Do not track individuals, but follow the mood at team level. All metrics are available to everyone in the team, not only to managers.

Easy As Pie

Team members will receive a daily email, asking for their mood of the day. One click and you're done! No need to login, no more than 5 seconds per day.

Agile DNA

Based on the niko-niko practice, each team member tells if she/he is having a good or a bad day. Those insights help your team for continuous improvement.


Our seamless integrations with the tools you already use make participating even simpler.


Data are encrypted all the way. TeamMood is enterprise ready with SAML based SSO.

For Remote Teams

Your teammates are spread all around the world? We manage timezones, so people get notified at the right time.


Quickly get a glimpse on what's going on. Wanna know if things are better or worse? Just check the mood's average variation.

From ten people startups, to large companies with several hundreds of people, you're in good company.

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