Create a safe environment with anonymous feedback

With TeamMood, feedback from teammates are anonymous. They are able to express themselves to the fullest, it fosters communication inside the team and empowers everyone.

TeamMood - anonymous feedback

Why anonymity is key?

It's next to impossible to get honest feedback from teammates if what they say is identifiable.

If you ask for feedback face-to-face with all the team present, you might not get the right answer.

And if you use tools not adapted to the task, like whiteboards, feedback will also be identifiable. And it will be difficult to extract insights from it.

Anonymity is crucial for quality feedback and in turn is essential to build great team leadership.

What anonymity leads to?

Proactive team leadership

Stop guessing to solve conflicts. With our analytics, you get the right insights to reduce the number of problems your team has.

Team empowerment

TeamMood gives you all the tools to lead efficiently your team and empower them to express themselves in a safe environment.

Meeting facilitation

With daily feedback, you will be able to stop never-ending meetings and resolves issues as they arise before they derail your meetings.

TeamMood - kudos creation

Interact anonymously with feedback to foster conversations

React to others' moods and comments anonymously too. This helps create a space where everyone feels understood and supported.

And celebrate successes in a simple way with Kudos, boosting team morale by acknowledging efforts and spreading positive energy.

TeamMood provides you with the tools to get and exploit anonymous feedback

Effortless moods

Writing a comment every day can quickly become boring for your teammates. With moods, a single click allows you to get useful information on their wellness and keep boredom out for longer.

Optional written feedback

Your teammates still have the ability to write comments in addition to moods but it's optional. This way you increase usage from your teammates and you will get more useful comments and less noise.

Get answers with analytics

The problem with generic tools is the lack of analytics. TeamMood is opinionated to help you be more proactive in managing your team. Get insights in an instant, zero configuration required.


Nowadays, you use a lot of tools and adding a new one to the stack needs to be a careful choice. TeamMood seamlessly integrates with your existing tools (Slack, Teams, and more) to help you increase usage right where your teammates are.

Manage multiple teams

Create as many teams as you want and track their moods and feedback easily. We built all the tools you need to make the process effortless.

Feedback history at a glance

You need a clean and clear overview to quickly see the mood of your team. That's why we made a special view based on niko-niko calendar and Agile retrospective practices so you can track moods in just one moment and see how wellness improves over time.

Antony G.

The "comment" feature allows to get even more feedback, and it also brings more fun within the team.

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