We help managers understand what’s happening at work by providing them with regular actionable feedback from their teams.

TeamMood helps thousands of managers to  better understand what’s going in their workplace. We provide regular feedback from teammates to managers so that they act upon it. We strongly believe that managers are the key to a better workplace, and that they have a direct impact on employees engagement.

Our Story

TeamMood was imagined and initially created by Nicolas Deverge. As an Agile Coach, Nicolas helped a lot of companies on the Agile path. He realised that there are a lot of unhappy people in the workplace. He was (and still is) convinced that managers are the key to a better workplace. This is why he created TeamMood, an online Niko-Niko which helps managers getting a better understanding of their teammates.

Nicolas never considered TeamMood as a startup, rather as a small business. His main goal was to build a company he could run independently and that would let him make a living for himself and his family.

Instead, he surrounded himself with experts on the specific areas he needed help with and eventually welcomed his friend and former colleague, Bert Poller, as a technical partner to help him with the organic growth of the company.

Nicolas & Bert



The values we stand for

When we decided to create TeamMood, we were longing to build a project in our image. Some of our values led us to the very idea of TeamMood. Others are just present in our day to day lives, personal and professional. In any case, they are so deeply anchored in the way we work and develop TeamMood that we wanted to share them with you.

Wellbeing at the office

Promoting well-being at work was our first driver to building TeamMood. Past experiences in large corporations had shown us a certain level of distress, and the impression that employees were barely numbers inside the company, adjustable variables. These situations showed us how important well-being was, not only for the employees’ sake but also for the company’s. Indeed, happiness at work has proven to be the key to increased productivity.

We have always believed in fostering well-being at the office, and it goes far beyond free coffee. For us, it means trusting others and delegating, giving people (employees, subcontractors, ... anyone) the freedom to express themselves, taking care of others, and demonstrating kindness in managing others. And this is not a given in our modern society.

We don’t just work together, we collaborate together. This means that we have the freedom to express ourselves. We share our preoccupations. We adjust the work and tasks according to our schedule. And this goes far beyond the company itself. We act the same way with our subcontractors and our clients. In fact, what binds us to our subcontracts and clients isn’t a simple customer/supplier contractual relationship. We consider every individual as a contributor or a sponsor of the project.

In the end, what we have built is way more than a business: it’s a lifestyle that makes us happy.


If well-being and autonomy at work were already present in our last company, we went a step further with TeamMood in terms of independence and freedom. We have designed a product that lets us work from anywhere, with no geographical ties. It allows us to choose where we want to live (and not let the job choose for us). We have removed typical work constraints while still performing (even better).

For instance, when we go on holidays, we just need a computer and a Wi-Fi signal to work an hour a day. In the end, it lets us spend more time than a typical CEO or entrepreneur with our families. We also work with a few contractors who live in several places in France and even in Brasil.

Our freedom also comes from our financial independence. Since the beginning, we chose to bootstrap our business in order to keep our freedom. We are more a small business than a real startup. Our aim is to be able to make a living, not to grow fast and big. Because growing fast and big implies a lot of constraints.

Family excursion, Bassin d'Arcachon, 2018
Family excursion, Bassin d'Arcachon, 2018

Work-Life balance

We hear a lot about work-life balance, but what does this really mean for companies and employees? For us, it means that we refuse to adopt a hyper-growth pace or to pressure ourselves, in order to be able to spend more time with our children and family.

We fix our own objectives and deadlines to be reasonable. This resulted in learning how to say “no” and prioritizing constantly. For instance, we might say “no” to a complicated client, as it would imply a lot of customer issues afterward. We always wonder what is most important for our clients and for us, and this led to very positive consequences.

To preserve our work-life balance, we also had to avoid unessential distractions. We don’t need to be on TV or to win competitions to run our business.

Our motto is: Let’s favor efficiency instead of quantity at work.


The labor world is moving fast. 10 years ago, living and working spaces were completely separated. Nowadays, they tend to get closer. And that’s exactly what we are experimenting, one step at a time.

When we started TeamMood, we had no idea where it would lead us. So we implemented the Lean methodology to learn from our potential users. We don’t have the answers. Our users do.

This attitude also impacts our relationships with our clients. We don’t want to act serious or complicate things, just to look professional. We act naturally, we are all humans after all! Our clients usually appreciate this personal touch. And those who don’t, we don’t really want to work with them.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
person holding green leaf Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
red heart and man hanging drawing by N. Fewings on Unsplash


When we started TeamMood, it wasn’t financially interesting to rent our own office. We still needed a space to work together, but we thought that co-working was much more adapted to us, in terms of exchanges and meetings with other startups.

While most companies think they only exist the day they rent their own office space, we decided to fight these business stereotypes and stay lean. Indeed, mutualising office space (plus the lighting and heating that comes with it) makes for us a lot more sense economically and environmentally.

Likewise, we strive to lower our carbon footprint by favoring public transportation to go to work. We are not the only ones doing so; we can feel a true change in society. People are willing to move away from the materialistic world, back to the essentials, for the good of their community.

Our ambition with TeamMood has always been to create a company that resembles us, in which we can thrive while making a living, and protect our work-life balance. And we feel we’ve accomplished it as working for TeamMood doesn’t feel like working. We try to spread this vibe with every person we work with, client, partner, sub-contractor… and hope for everyone to find (or create) such a fulfilling working environment.

Thank you

We want to thank our partners, contributors, and especially all freelancers who helped (and are still helping) us in this adventure: Claire-Emilie, Jacques, Julie, Mohammed, Valérie, Katia, Magali, Jérôme, Quentin, Renaud, Julien and Maïwenn. TeamMood wouldn’t be the same without you 😉!